My natural gas provider is not Summit Utilities. Do I qualify for a rebate? 

Rebate offerings and incentives are available to qualifying customers in the Summit Utilities, Inc. service areas. If you are a resident or business owner in Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, or the Texarkana, Texas area and are a customer of Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation, Colorado Natural Gas, Summit Natural Gas of Missouri, Summit Utilities Oklahoma, or Summit Utilities Arkansas, you may be eligible for certain rebates and incentives. As a family of energy providers, all Summit Utilities, Inc. operating companies share a common goal to provide safe, reliable natural gas, to care for the communities they serve, and to offer rebate solutions that not only save you money but allow you to be more energy efficient. 

Rebate opportunities vary by operating company. Please check individual service providers' offerings and guidelines to determine eligibility 

Why should I upgrade to high-efficiency products? 

Upgrading your standard-efficiency equipment to high-efficiency equipment can help save energy and money every month. Applying for a rebate can help reduce the additional cost of high-efficiency equipment and make it more affordable. The result will be lower utility bills and increased comfort in your building. 


What steps do I need to take to participate in the natural gas equipment rebate program? 

Contact a local supply house or installer of your choice and ask about upgrading to a qualifying unit. You can contact Summit at any time throughout the process to confirm eligibility. We recommend the customer and installer look at the application requirements before installation to ensure an efficient rebate process. 


What are the options for submitting a rebate? 

There are two ways to submit a rebate. A customer or their installer can use the portal to submit a rebate, or a paper form can be filled out and mailed to Summit. Rebate forms can be found on the utility website. Please mail forms to Summit Utilities Rebates, 16350 Felton Rd. Lansing, MI 48906. 


What information needs to be included with the rebate form at the time of submission? 

For all rebate applications: A dated and itemized sales invoice/receipt from the installer with the brand, model number, serial number, and purchase price of the installed equipment is required. Preowned or refurbished units are not eligible for rebates. 

For Summit Utilities Oklahoma customers converting from electric to natural gas equipment: You must provide the brand, model number, and serial number of the electric equipment being replaced. 


Is there an option for an instant rebate from my installer?  

Some installing contractors may choose to issue an instant rebate at the point of sale, which allows them to reduce the cost to the customer of installing the equipment by the rebate amount. The installer is then responsible for applying for the rebate. Should the installer choose to do this, they must include a copy of the invoice showing the deduction to the customer. If a paper application is submitted, there will also be a section for the customer to assign the rebate to the installing contractor. 


How long do I have to submit a rebate application?  

Rebates will be paid on a first-come, first-serve basis and are subject to budget availability and program changes. Applicants have up to 120 days from the installation of the natural gas equipment or natural gas meter to submit a rebate application. If the 120 days have passed, the applicant may still be eligible for a rebate if the Program Year budget has not been exhausted. 


Does equipment under warranty replacement qualify for a rebate? 

If the equipment being installed is considered a qualified warranty replacement of a unit that has already been rebated, the replacement unit is not eligible for a rebate. 


How long will it take to receive my rebate? 

You will receive your rebate 6-8 weeks from the date all required documentation is provided. 


Can my rebate be paid in the form of credits on my utility bill? 

No. Rebates are only issued as checks. 


Why can't I type in my city, state, and zip?  

Begin by typing your street address, selecting from the suggestions. To narrow the results down further you may need to type the street and city name into the address field. 


What happens if my rebate application gets denied? 

If your installed equipment is not eligible for a rebate, you will receive notice as to why your application was denied. If your equipment qualifies but the application is missing required information, our processing team will contact you and explain the necessary steps for completing the application. 


Where do I enter my Company Name for a commercial account when creating a New Customer Account in the portal? 

The “Primary Account Holder Last Name” field will be used for the Company Name. 


What should I do if I've added a rebate to my cart and it shows up with an amount of $0?

If your order shows $0 in the shopping cart, please submit it anyway. It may still be eligible after a full review.


Need further assistance? 

Please send an inquiry to [email protected] or contact us at 1-888-317-0505 Monday - Friday, 8:00-5:00 Central Time Zone. 


What other energy efficiency programs are available? 

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